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Turki Al Shukaili 

Future of Peacekeeping 
Youth Advocate

Turki Al Shukaili is a high school student living in Muscat, Oman. His goal is to use his knowledge in Middle Eastern politics to end the conflicts happening within the region.

Turki was born and raised in Muscat, Oman. Living in the middle east and around all the conflicts happening in the area made him aware about politics and economy from a young age. Therefore, helping people in need and trying to find solutions to the problems happening in the region is his lifetime goal. His favorite experience growing up would be going in long car rides with his father and asking questions about everything around him. His father talked to him about economy and history from a young age, and that helped shape Turki’s curious character. Turki would go on more than three hour journeys and would not stop asking his father questions in all topics which made him very knowledgeable compared to his friends.

At high school, Turki participates in the MUN as it is the only activity that matches his interests in school. However, he likes to research and read about the things that are interesting to him at home. He also debates people with different opinions and always wants to know the truth. Teaching his classmates their history and trying to make everyone aware about the conflicts happening around them is a thing he finds enjoyable.

Attending a great university would be Turki’s dream. He believes that getting into the right university is the first step that would lead him to make a change that would help humanity. Turki wanted to study medicine before because he believed it was the only job that would save people's lives. However, he is certain now that following his real passion and studying economics or politics can also affect humanity positively.

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