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Sophie Liu

Wellness of Tomorrow

Based in Canada, Sophie Liu is a youth activist, a cross-cultural leader, and a keen scholar who believes that youths today are capable of creating the most astounding changes that shape the future.

Sophie traveled from China to Canada for high school and cultivated her passion for mental health and global sustainable development. As an international student leader, she is the first person to establish and run a student-led organization that connects eight schools in her region to promote inclusion and integration of international students. She empowered and led numerous aspiring youths to initiate 10+ projects in collaboration with major local NGOs and has benefitted countless youths.

Starting from 9th grade, Sophie has taken part in accredited psychology research programs and published research papers and protocols. She is now the founder and director of Wellness of Tomorrow, a mental health organization that empowers youths to ignite their own journey in promoting the well-being of themselves and their communities.

Sophie is confident that through finding autonomy and reaching human potential, global youth leaders can together create the brightest future. 

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Sophie Liu
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