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The 250th Archivist Project, Student Leader
Sebastian Dias-Sotiriou Tutoring, Founder and CEO

Sebastian Dias-Sotiriou is a caring, passionate, and driven young person determined to educate the world through the lenses of music and history, integrating digital innovation and technology. He currently speaks Portuguese, Mandarin and English. 

When he was young, Sebastian always enjoyed school and wondered why everyone around him seemed so eager to escape from it. That curiosity, coupled with his unrelenting desire to understand the inner workings of the world, pushed him to teach others how to find their pawn passions. 

Currently, Sebastian leads the Archivist Team at his school, which does research into his school’s rich 250-year long history. Sebastian also loves music: he plays trombone for Newark Academy’s nationally competitive jazz band, Chameleon, which has won the state championships over 10 years consecutively and came 7th in the nation last year. Additionally, Sebastian founded and runs his tutoring business, Sebastian Dias-Sotiriou Tutoring. He is also dedicated to helping others learn, so he volunteers his time to teach students from across the globe in English. 

Academically, Sebastian challenges himself to the highest degree. Newark Academy’s notorious IB curriculum allows him to challenge himself to uncommon degrees. He is taking Multivariable Calculus, IB Modern World SL, IB English, Advanced Mandarin II, Physics Honors, and Advanced Jazz. His advanced courses inspire him to continue learning and pass that passion onto others. 

Personally, Sebastian enjoys playing the Tenor Saxophone: it provides him with an outlet to play music through a new means. He also enjoys collecting Legos. After watching the cartoon Ninjago as a kid, he has become driven to finish a collection he started when he was 6. He is also quite the gamer. He plays Splatoon 3 competitively, and is ranked within the top 500 of all 8 million players. 

At university, Sebastian plans to feed his curiosity for Language, History, Teaching, and Music. By fueling his love for learning, Sebastian hopes to find a job where he can spread his love of learning to others and restore collective interest in history in the future generations.  

Sebastian DIAS-SOTIRIOU: TeamMember
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