Since I was age 15, I have seen, due to global warming, the forests of Yakutia are burning, permafrost is thawing, thereby turning the Siberian tundra into sludgy landscapes. As a result, local flora disappears, and the expanses of wildlife that feeds on it are starving, even though thawing may lead to the reemergence of harmful bacteria and diseases.

As the ice melts at lightning speed, landslides can occur in cities built on the permafrost. In Russia, where more than 60 % of the land is permafrost, this problem is particularly acute and Yakutsk, the largest city built on permafrost, already suffers from it. 

I was interested in business techniques since it is the best possible form of realizing my creative potential. Through business, I will get more opportunities to manage my life, gather people around me who are interesting to me and influence what surrounds me, and also get the chance to do what is interesting. At the same time, interests change, and business makes it possible not to stick to one thing. In addition, I want to be involved in some ecology club that will gather a community of people, who preserve and save the planet. Studying Sustainability will also allow me to investigate new and innovative methods for all of us to live and act in a way that does not harm the world or the climate in the long run.

I dream to launch my own company one day and use my influence and resources to change our worldview about how we treat the environment. As for me, the creation of an environmental technology company is an important goal to achieve versatility, innovation, and sustainable development for a better future for everyone. Aim in exploring business fundamentals is not just to get a good grade on the course or impress future employers but also to develop my inner ingenuity to stand out from the crowd.