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Ngoc Nam Phuong


Ngoc Nam Phuong Do, also known as Emma Do, is a rising high school senior in Vietnam. She was born into a family of both parents working in the healthcare field. Therefore, through the stories about the lacking accessibility of the current healthcare service told by her parents, she have developed a particular passion for wholesome healthcare and human rights since a young age. That also motivated her to have initiated my YESHealth (Youth - Equality - Sustainability) project advocating for holistic youth health awareness in 21st-century circumstances.

With YESHealth, she wants to draw attention to marginalized areas and individuals in healthcare, as well as raise awareness regarding related topics by means of propagation such as campaigns, media products, and informative posts. She also take an interest in different activities such as basketball, debating, and singing as an enthusiastic young person.

Through these activities, she hopes to inspire other peers eventually. She trusts in her own ability to make a valuable impact on the community and she desires to motivate every single young people to believe in their power too.

Ngoc Nam Phuong DO: TeamMember
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