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Medha Elluru

RAIN (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria)

Medha Krishna Elluru is an Indian national, single-child, born into a well-educated family. With a parent being a diplomat working in the United Nations, Medha had to move from one under-privileged country to another in Africa for all her school life, studying in Sudan, Tanzania, Nigeria and India as well. With that exposure in her early years, she developed an enthusiasm to do things that can better the life of people around her.

When she reached high school, she got fascinated about technology and found that it could be a medium that could be used to achieve her goal – she avidly learnt programming languages like Python, SQL, HTML & CSS and started developing a few games herself. She joined the robotics club at school in 2020 and soon became the leader of it in 2021. In May 2022, her team won the National level Robotics Championship (FIRST Lego League) in Nigeria and thereafter represented the country in the international level competition at Brazil in Aug 2022. Her team got nominated for the Best Innovative Project award.  Even though they did not win on the world stage, she was fascinated to see people from all over the world who are in-line with her ideas and doing much more.

Back at school, Medha was awarded the “Model Student of the Year” for the year 2020-21 and became “Academia Prefect” in 2022 for her exceptional performance in academics, attitude & behavior towards teachers & fellow students and her extra-curricular activities. During weekends, Medha teaches mathematics to 30 under-privileged kids in an orphanage here in Africa. This gave her a window not only to help them but also to see how the life of those kids is startlingly different from her own! Taking a step forward, she is currently doing an internship with RAIN (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria). Under their guidance she is learning deep/machine learning using which she is implementing a project that can identify stranded baggage in places like airports, public locations, site-seeing places etc. to minimize security/bomb risks, which are not uncommon in this part of the world. Once completed, she plans to implement it at her school and then present it to FAAN (Federation of Airport Authority of Nigeria). Medha is also passionate about art. She has been painting canvases since her childhood and a few of them hang on the walls of her house.

Medha is now in Year 11 of the high-school and preparing for IGCSEs in May-2023. Fortunately, and thanks to the Heads of departments at her school, she had already completed early IGCSEs for 3 subjects (Maths, Further Maths and Computer Science). After undergoing a rigorous admission process, Medha secured admission and acceptance at Cheltenham Ladies College, UK for her A-level college education starting in Sep-2023.  At the later stage in her life, she aims to study at world-class technology oriented universities, that would equip her to do more projects which can touch and better the lives of humanity.

Medha Elluru: Team Members
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