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Makena Ivancich


Makena Ivancich is a 16-year-old student based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She goes to school at St John's School. She is passionate about healthy habits; and her favorite hobbies are reading, playing soccer, and baking.

At 13, she began responding to her curiosity about health care by doing courses, taking advice from health professionals, and social media. After the pandemic, she noticed the transversal issue of the high rate of cases of mental health disorders and decided to use her love for learning and leadership skills to do something about it.

Makena founded Mind-Aid because she wanted to give her community a way of dealing with well-being and mental health that was not monetary exclusionary.  Mind-Aid is a digital space with tips, interviews with health professionals, and overall recommendations to take care of mental health for free.

Her goal with Mind-Aid is to create an accessible app to provide several tools for anyone who wants to apply them to their own lives and improve their experience in other areas of interest. Also, to raise awareness by acknowledging the severe consequences mental health issues can affect if they are not dealt with.

In the future, Makena wants to study in the STEM field and later become a dentist with the aim of having a scientific background to investigate and extend her resources to underprivileged communities in her country. Likewise, she would like to practice her passion for healthy habits by having a plant-based restaurant, combining her love for cooking, and learning new ways to help achieve general health. 

She is committed to helping future generations by pursuing SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being.

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