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Project BIYOOON,

Mai Minoura is a 17-year old student based in Tokyo, and is a teen advocate striving to construct long-term community conscience in environmental protection. 

Her favorite experience growing up would be seeing her older sister develop and teach her things she did not know as a first generation in a foreign university. Applying for universities or schools internationally is like entering another realm of competition, and throughout her childhood, her sister has helped her navigate life, including where to go for summer schools. 

At high school, with a large contribution in the sports for school teams, Mai actively contributes towards activities that focus on creating a more sustainable environment and mental health for the younger generation. She helps lead her school community and the upcoming highschoolers to understand the importance of helping replenish and reserve our natural capital. 

To accelerate her impact, she founded Biyooon, as a product of her own reflections on how to turn her ideas into tangible goods that raise awareness and sustainability. Understanding the fast fashion industry and its large impact on the ocean, she collaborated with a local swimwear and athletic wear business to create a yarn material created from their recycled nylon material. This product is very versatile, allowing to create items such as handbags to accessories that can easily replace plastic-made goods. 

At university, she wishes to study biochemistry. The reason for this roots from her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian, however that motive has changed over the past few years. She hopes to be able to replenish damaged habitats and populations of endangered species threatened by human activity. She believes becoming a vet will help me build a skill set for attaining that goal. Her long-term life goal would be to be able to inspire and impact from what she has done. Even if she may not be known worldwide, she hopes her actions and developments are. 

Mai MINOURA: TeamMember
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