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Hoang Khanh "Lucas"


Lucas Mai was born and raised in the biggest and most economically influential city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. 

He is currently in his senior year of high school at ISHCMC-AA. Some of his qualities include being extremely genuine and straightforward. He is rather creative and innovative in coming up with ideas and ways of solving problems. He is incredibly passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to things he does enjoy and is very open to learning new things due to his curious nature. Outside of school, he is someone who loves to travel and hang out with friends. He considers himself a multipotentialite who has a plethora of interests that changes every few weeks or months - everyone is welcome to strike him up with a conversation about anything and don’t be surprised if the conservation lasts for hours. 

To advance smart cities, he established The SmartGrid Initiative, with the objective to connect and transform urban areas into a smart, efficient, and healthy living environment.

His mission is to be an inspiration to his community and to encourage them to explore things outside of their comfort zone - life just has so many doors for us to only open a few of them. At university, he would like to pursue studies in the field of computer science.

Hoang Khanh "Lucas" MAI: TeamMember
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