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Kreeshi Shavdia

African Fund for Endangered Wildlife - Kenya
Teen Advocate and Volunteer

Kreeshi Shavdia is a secondary school student at Oshwal Academy Mombasa, based in Kenya, and is passionate about environment and biodiversity conservation. 

Since the age of 10, Kreeshi has snorkelled in the azure calm waters of the Indian Ocean, with shoals of small fish flitting between her legs and flamboyantly coloured reef corals fanning beneath her. When not buoyed by water, she is scaling massive mountains to touch the skies.

Her exploration of both the ocean and mountains have enhanced her awareness of the effects of climate change, confirmed by the ongoing drought in Kenya which has resulted in an alarming rate of biodiversity loss.

She raises visual awareness of these issues through her art and writing, actively participating in the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Kenya - Giraffe Centre Annual Environmental Competitions for several consecutive years, also highlighting other crucial issues such as human-wildlife conflict, poaching and pollution.

In addition, she verbally persuades donors to support noble causes: water tankers that fill small-scale water pans at Tsavo National Park, purchase of firefighting equipment for containing bushfires which could ravish vast amounts of dry savannah land. She has also adopted an elephant at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, while urging others to emulate her actions.

In the future, she aspires to become an honorary warden of the Kenya Wildlife Services, hoping to make a positive impact towards the UN SDGs relating to Climate Action and Life on Land. 

Kreeshi Shavdia: Team Members
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