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Kitty Choi

Youth Leader,
Young Pioneers Forum

Kitty Choi is a 17-year-old aspiring bioengineer in Hong Kong. Fueled by challenge and motivated by personal affiliations with inherited familial Atrial Fibrillation, she hopes to synergise her science and mathematics strengths to innovate how we identify, treat, and cure cardiac and other health conditions.

Having seen immediate family members be brought back to life by the “magic” of biomedical devices, Kitty realised the absolute influence of engineers and how their work can save countless lives. Since then, Kitty has devoted her energy to studying beyond what’s taught in school as a payment of gratitude to the engineers that saved the lives of people she loved.

During school hours, Kitty regularly inspires and mentors younger students in the subject area of Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics by broadening their knowledge outside the basic school curriculum along with 20+ peers, all part of this initiative she founded. In addition, Kitty is a proud contributor to many clubs, from advocating for sustainable development to helping and supporting teenage pregnancy.

Looking ahead, Kitty wishes to pursue higher education in the US, where she could learn from the best engineers in the world to one day open a business with her own life-saving device.

Kitty Choi: TeamMember
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