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Since he was small, he traveled to different places with his parents. They think instead of him studying only inside of the school, learning during travelling around the world is a better way for him to actually understand the thing inside of the textbooks. As such, his family and he, sometimes along with close friends, would travel together to different countries and regions, experience different culture as well as the story and knowledge behind them. This helps to create a more international version of himself and help to shape who he aspires to be - a young global citizen. 

He is keen on sports, in fact all kinds of them, especially team sports. He enjoys sucess by working with others. As well, he is a semi-professional photographer. He is responsible of recording the moments for almost every major event on campus. Furthermore, he would spend lots of time outside of school to take a shot at the beautiful and memorable moments that he saw. 

In terms of his future, he is certain that he will certainly choose a path that can create multi-stakeholder impact between the society and the indvidual. He would like to learn more about how these two stakeholder groups can react and interacts better towards a more sustaianble world.