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Illarion Illarionov-Zervas


Illarion always uses the game to establish peace and stop arguing.

In 2014 he lost his father under the bombing in Ukraine, and for all 8 years he coped with a serious condition inside himself.  The hard time of 2022 forced many Russian children to face a difficult national situation, they mixed two bloods, like Illarion, Russian and Ukrainian, and many of them were forced to leave, part with friends and leave STEM classes. But in this situation, Illarion realized that he did not need to choose, he could integrate them and create a world within himself.

Illarion found a way to bring this to life and, first of all, joined a group with which they were able to raise funds for charity in the amount of $ 9,000 in the spring. And in the fall, he invited his friends to create a community. They launched their own channel (L2HUB)  in the Telegram app and attracted 250 students during the first month (it continues to grow). 

Illarion and his friends help everyone who wants to study STEM together (no matter when they are), make friends and support each other, play games, both online and in reality (at our school). It helps to maintain peace inside and around them, even when their relatives are fighting.

In order to develop the mobility and accessibility of our community, Illarion deepens his knowledge in the field of computer science, and practices skills in the Python and C++ programming languages.

In addition, he is a representative on the school board, one of the counselors of the school camp and an organizer of events held jointly with other schools. Illarion also tries to maintain contacts with students from different countries and exchange experiences.

His dream is to continue to develop this community, share it around the world and create a new game engine to bring STEM people together. Illarion believes that STEM can help improve peace and prosperity for all people.

Illarion Illarionov-Zervas: Team Members
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