Gia Nghi Nguyen

Learning Confidently

Gia Nghi Nguyen is a high school student based in Boston.

She is the Founder of Learning Confidently, a platform made for Vietnamese high school students with the main objective is assisting high school students in the application process of getting into a university. The problem Learn Confidently is trying to solve is that Vietnamese high school students studying in the bottom tier in southern Vietnam are not getting quality education that meets the necessary requirements when applying for universities in Vietnam and the United States. There are also Vietnamese students who struggle with identifying what each university requires, hence, not getting accepted.

Learning Confidently aims to provide resources to Vietnamese high school students so that no matter what tier their high school is, they still have access to quality education in order to get into university and hopefully be supported financially.

In the future, Nghi wishes to continue her work advocating for equality in education and employment for youth.