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Mr. Eric Chow is an intellectually curious student focused on architectural design and design-side engineering, such as robotics, to create new blueprints for smart and sustainable city development. 

Since he was 5, he has shown passion in this area through drawing and building. From bringing ideas to life through legos, to taking on numerous DIY projects, Eric’s love for creativity and design has always remained a part of his identity.

He yearns to coalesce his passions for technological innovation and sustainable living into his desired future career as an architect, thereby engendering sustainable design, housing and cities in order to contribute to a more livable society and world. 

For the past two years, Eric has been curating his “GREEN-ify” portfolio of up to 15 drawings from his inspirations of living across multiple countries to artistically showcase the power of circular economic designs. 

Further, through his “SPRUCE” framework, he looks to standardize regulations for sustainability in architecture, reconstructing the future of inhabitable space. Eric is also a Youth Leader at GSCI as well as a Co-Organizer and PropTech Lead for InvestHK’s Young Pioneers Forum 2022.

Eric CHOW: Team Members
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