Dmitriy Pimkin

Founder and Director,

Dmitriy Pimkin is a 16 year old student at Karjera School in Moscow.  

Growing up, his interests were in the areas of video games, coding and software engineering.

He is the Founder of openSchool, and an advocate for open source software. openSchool consists of me as a Founder and CTO, as well as three other students in his city, and the project was formed in 2021. He started his journey in computer science at the age of 10, and he has developed mobile apps, Telegram bots, and some devices using ATmega microcontrollers through Python, Dart, Swift, PHP and a bit of C++. Currently, he has developed more than 8 open-sourced programs.

He intends to pursue a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, and he seeks to use the experience gained by developing openSchool and turn it into a regional or global initiative because he thinks that there is now a lot of proprietary and non-secure software in schools. In the future, he wants to establish a tech company, one that will focus on developing open source software.

He thinks it’s important to support open-source software, because it gives privacy to people. At the same time, open-source provides free and secure software for all to use.

At university, leveraging on his years of experience in computer science, he would like to found an IT related startup.