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Daniela Batalla

The Art-to-Act Initiative

Daniela Batalla, is a principled, talented and well-rounded person with passions for acting and singing who believes that education, gratitude and loyalty to values are critical to making the world a better place through artistry and activism. She goes by Dany to her family and friends, and is based in Mexico.

The most significant lesson Dany has learnt growing up is how to maximize on opportunities, as well as being grateful for this and the people around her, but most importantly, the humility to accept situations and stay positive. Dany used to overthink everything and believe that she would never be enough; she felt under a lot of pressure at school and was terrified of committing mistakes. One day Dany had a conversation with her mother and realized that what impacts us is not the circumstance itself, but our attitude towards it. What happens accounts about 10% of the situation, whereas mindset accounts for 90%.

Currently Dany is in 11th grade. She’s in the top 1% of her generation. Dany is taking the IB Programme and achieved the PAI Diploma. Dany participated as president of DISEC in a Model UN and won a best chair award. Nominated Ambassador of Nau Fest, international event organized by Junior Achievement. Acting, film, theater and singing are her true passions. Dany is interpreting Fantine in Les Miserables, was a Fate in Hadestown and Peron’s Lover in Evita. She has won several awards in singing and acting, including a National Shakespeare Competition and 3 First Places in singing festivals. Other pursuits include writing songs, photography, building legos and spending time with her family and friends. 

Dany’s goal is to be a professional actress worldwide. She intends on attending and graduating from Julliard, and she wants to help everybody who needs it by becoming a social activist. Dany is aware that there are a lot of things to do in order to create a better world, and for the voice of everyone to be heard. That is why she will put her best in making that happen, to live in a world we as a collective society can be proud of.

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