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Alice Hu

Founder and CEO,
Project RAMP

Alice Hu is a 17 year old student based in Shanghai, China. Alice has always been a person with strong leadership and sufficient passion to help everyone. Being one of the managers of the school's Model United Nations community since high school, and as an award-winning MUN participant, she connects the environmental issues she sees in MUN with what she favored, biology.

Alice has been learning high school biology in advance since the eighth grade and has a strong interest in it, it is exciting to use her own abilities to help the world become better. She has done an experiment on the effect of microplastics on plant reproduction, however, at the beginning of this year, due to another epidemic, her offline experiment had to be stopped. So, she started thinking about what else she could do to solve the problem of microplastic pollution besides experimentation. 

So comes Project Ramp, which she founded as an initiative aiming to spearhead awareness and knowledge transfer of microplastics to Gen-Zs, to combat their impact on Environment, Marine ecology, agriculture, and ultimately human health by educating, advocating and launching research projects.

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Alice Hu
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