Aditya Chopra

Founder and Director,
Int'l InnoHealth Institute

Aditya Chopra is a Delhi-based millennial. Having been born in the age of the internet, this  millennial was bewitched by the idea of revolutionizing the healthcare industry through AI. 

Being a citizen of India and having travelled to remote places in India, Mr Chopra found that the latest technology and advancements in AI were not able to reach people in villages, which continue to remain disconnected from towns and cities. Mr. Chopra devised Int'l Innohealth Institute to promote similar consciousness amongst the young adults. 

Mr. Chopra is not new when it comes to being a leader and a changemaker, he has previously held the position of Vice President of the student council and simultaneously juggled the responsibility of being the Captain of the football team and Captain of the Skating team.

Int’l InnoHealth Institute is the brainchild of Mr. Chopra who aims to bring young minds from all over the world together; bringing the future of this world under one banner and, encouraging, stimulating, and pushing them into the world of research, not for capital gains or publicity, instead for the future and betterment of our planet Earth.